Papaschase Indian Relay

Papaschase Indian Relay.
Exciting times at Enoch AB on August 22/23 – 2020

Papaschase took First Place at Enoch Relay July 12 2020!

Indian Relay, as racers call it, is the extreme horse racing sport that has been taking place in the United States for decades, and only recently started spreading north of the border after being introduced at the North American Indigenous Games and the Calgary Stampede in 2017.

Since then, the Canadian Indian Relay Racing Association has been holding weekly events in different western Canadian communities from the spring to the fall.

“It’s nice to see. Everyone is chasing the Indian Relay.”

“You’ve got a bunch of nations all running together and becoming as one.”
– Tyson Head

Join another Indian Relay Event at August 22/23, 2020 at Enoch Park.